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Technology: Welcome



Air Eye is a one of a kind solution in Network airspace control and and protection (NACP) This out of the box solution continuous network airspace monitoring to enforce wireless security policies and prevent wireless attacks.


Fiberfor is a global technological firm that has been developing and producing nylon fibers for the construction industry.

The company's products prevent and solve problems that arise in cement mixtures and various other building materials.



Eyefox is a revolutionary AI based system that delivers automated, immediate threat detection at high accuracy levels for x-ray security screening operators. It provides unrelenting and focused analayis rapidly distinguishing threats from other items in real time. this minimizes close contact with bag content and people, increasing efficiency and output. 


Ai-rgus uses Artificial Intelligence and custom-built software to automatically catch camera view problems. camera/NVR/DVR misconfigurations or failures; wrong timestamp; and missing or not enough days of recordings, so you don't have to spend lots of time doing it manually.

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Seahawk Robotics offers a family of uncrewed aerial systems with amphibious capabilities. These systems can deploy a variety of payloads, and are well suited for missions such as aquatic data collection, maritime law enforcement, conservation, surveillance as well as search & rescue.

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